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Our work is in fact fun – and we all love to have fun, don’t we? 2D and 3D animation, VFX,  special effects. In our doghouse, we have everything you need to make your production shine.

Joyfully wagging our tails, we jump on the next challenges.

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A group of people who love their work. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. It is this love that helps us to improve every day. The members of our ever-expanding team are carefully selected. They are passionate about animation and postproduction. No task is beyond us. We have done advertisements, game demos, animations and even two animated series. We are constantly developing, becoming better, and experimenting with various techniques. Why? Because we love animation and animation loves us!


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Stanisław Matuszek

Sales Manager

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Let's create something great together!


And they lived together happily ever after...

At the end of the day, when everyone has finished their job, it turns out that the Rooster is no longer a sketch, an animation, a process or a composition – it is alive, has feelings and an intelligent look in its eyes. It’s amazing...

Even when you work on some project, it’s always the same. Finally, you sit in the armchair, grab some popcorn and you can't believe that all of this – this whole world – came out of nothing.